Work Out

Barbell Shoulder Smash

By Vignesh Purushothaman


Barbell Shoulder Smash 1


Barbell Shoulder Smash 2


Barbell Shoulder Smash 3

1. To set up for the barbell shoulder smash, Lie on your back and position the notch of the barbell in the anterior deltoid area.
2. Next, throw the leg of the same side you are smashing over the bar. This will not only help pin the barbell in place and adds additional pressure, but also helps push your shoulder to the back of the socket. As you do this, lie back to put your shoulder in a good position and grab the sleeve of the barbell with the opposite hand.
3. After you have tacked the anterior tissue down, internally rotate your hand and push down on the barbell using your opposite hand. The combination of these actions creates a lot of shear, which allows you to un-laminate the tissues in your anterior shoulder.


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