Work Out

May 27, 2016

By Vignesh Purushothaman


Friday May 27th WOD
Power Cleans (135/95)
Ring Dips

*****Schedule Reminder*****

The schedule for Memorial Day Weekend will be as follows:
Saturday May 28th – Closed
Sunday May 29th – Closed
Monday May 30th – Murph at 3pm Followed by Community BBQ (everyone is invited!!!)
Tuesday May 31st – Return to Normal Schedule

We’ve all been there. The end of a WOD, on our backs trying to compose ourselves after we just pushed maybe a hair beyond our own limits. There’ s moment of relief that the torture is done and a sense of accomplishment that we’ve just pushed ourselves another step further towards our goals. But when the dust settles, and we come back to earth, and the cheering and high fives are over, we sometimes defeat our efforts by “how” we did the workout versus “what” we did in the workout.

For most, in fact, all of us at some point, have finished a workout only to overlook what we did and look at the one symbol showing how we did it; that symbol being the big “RX” after the score is posted.

Let’s talk about this “RX” for a minute. It’s simply there to indicate that a workout was intended to be done a certain way. It no way takes away hard work when not marked. It’s purely for folks looking to compare their work capacity against another so and to compare on an even playing field.

Workouts are designed to be hard, for a skilled and trained athlete. And even these athletes can get an extra push north by having an extra-challenging “RX+” workout option. Again, these are only so we as athletes can compare our scores against a set standard of which a workout was performed. It is not a badge that says you are perfect in every manner.

Let’s talk about the “scaled” for a minute. Scaling movements is the upmost necessary part of learning and progressing in workouts. How do you improve on something that has no foundation? We don’t. So the workout that are “scaled” means these people are the ones building their foundation, not being put into a “handicap”.

Look at the value of every training session and reflect on what you learned about yourself every workout. Every drills and skills session and every lift you do. Reflecting on your lessons and your experiences are a far better tool to use to measure your progress rather than duel letter mark next to your posted score. Train for you and no one else. Be happy for those around you who take the next steps towards their performance goals as they will be the ones cheering for you tomorrow. With enough of the right work at the right intensities, you will look back on your days of how you perceived that mark and laugh. And you’ll realize that you will always come back to scaling movements when you need to work on improving your skill.

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