Work Out

Monday - December 12, 2016

By Yurii


Now all has been heard; here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the duty of all mankind. -Ecclesiastes 12:13

Monday December 12th WOD
Every 2 Minutes for 5 sets:
5 Power Cleans

3 Rounds
Row 500/400 meters
Run 400 meters
rest 3 minutes between efforts

For the power cleans, start light and focus on speed of movement and efficiency of barbell cycling. Build across the 5 sets and make 3rd, 4th, and 5th sets challenging. For the row and run, don't let any one interval exceed 5 minutes.

Jeremy and Alyssa DeHerrera's story:

Jeremy is from Kalispell, MT and I am from Great Falls, MT. Throughout our lives, from the age of 5 to 22 we have been involved in sports. Jeremy was an “amazing” soccer stud. He was blessed with an athletic scholarship in soccer to attend and represent the Yellowjackets at MSU-Billings. I was a year-round sport gal, but in the end, I was blessed with an opportunity to play softball at MSU-Billings as well. Jeremy took me out on a date, and well, what girl can say no to free food right?! You can probably figure out the rest of the story from there. We graduated college, got married, and moved to Portland, Oregon all in the same summer. Who likes to do things easy?! Jeremy attended Chiropractic School, while I took up trail running, and every outdoor sport I could get involved in. I saw such amazing country while I was in Oregon, and I will never forget how hard it was to leave all those amazing memories behind, when Jeremy graduated. We moved back to Montana where Jeremy was fortunate enough to start his practice. After about a week we had settled into Billings, and I will never forget driving when he told me we are now members of Crossfit Billings. There was some silence, doubts, and fears relating to starting something new while knowing no one. Now we look back, and it was the best decision we have ever made. We have made so many lifelong friends, memories, and have become part of a family we didn’t know existed. I remember my first pull-up attempt...haha (didn’t happen). I remember Jeremy’s first attempt at a snatch (not sure what happened there, and how come they call it a “snatch” haha). We look back now, and see how far we have come, and we have everyone at Crossfit Billings to thank for supporting us. It truly has opened our eyes to how mentally and physically tough we can really be, if we put our minds to it. We hope to still be a part of this community when we are “aged”, and continue the fight to be healthy. We like to hike, ski, hunt, fish, and love life together in Montana. It truly is the last best place. Thank you again Crossfit Billings for being so amazing!


The DeHerrera’s


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