Work Out

Monday February 27, 2017 - Open week 2

By Mack Unruh


Yet I am always with you; you hold me by my right hand. - Psalm 73:23

February 27th WOD
Squat Clean

Angie's Story

I grew up in a fairly sports oriented, competitive family. We all participated in high school sports and spent a lot of time running road races as a family. Once high school was over, I lost the desire and drive for the exercise that I so desperately needed. At 20 years old found myself pregnant and unsure about the future. I had Austin in November of ’96 and bought a jogging stroller to “try” to begin running again. It turned out to be more just walking, but at least I was outside! Austin and I did life together for 4 ½ years when I again found myself pregnant. The baby’s father and I decided to get married and for 13 years I put myself on the back burner. I was struggling with my weight, with feeling okay about myself and with acceptance from others. Almost 5 years ago, and a complete surprise to me, the marriage ended. I was at one of the lowest points in my life and an emotional wreck. Looking back now, this was a huge turning point for me in several ways. My walk with Jesus became stronger, I began to figure out who I really was, and both my boys and I began to laugh again.
Through the “divorce diet”, I did lose some weight, but when Austin graduated in 2015, I looked at the pictures and was embarrassed about the large woman standing between my two handsome boys. A change needed to be made. I began working out at Granite Fitness and worked with a trainer a few times a month. I felt myself getting stronger, noticing some physical changes, but always felt pretty self-conscious walking into the gym. No matter though, I kept with it and in September of 2015 ran my first 10K in over 20 years! I set my sights on running a half-marathon in September of 2016, but in June found myself dealing with calcific tendonitis in my Achilles tendon. My running came to an abrupt halt. I felt defeated. Now what was I supposed to do?


January of 2016 God brought some amazing women into my life…. Kerry Hanson and Melissa Donahue. They kept talking about CrossFit, but I knew in my heart that I needed to lose more weight before I could do anything like what they were talking about. Once I could no longer run, they began to encourage me to try a class. My mom and sister who also do CrossFit at another gym also suggested that I should try it, that I would really like it once I got started. So, in August I joined Melissa at my first CrossFit class. I was nervous going, but walked in and immediately Josh made me feel welcome. That first workout was intense and challenging, but when I finished, I signed up for Elements….which started that evening! Mack, Josh and Annie taught my Elements classes and were all so encouraging, that by the time I got done, I was hooked and felt like this really was something I could do. CrossFit has helped me realize that I am stronger than I ever thought – both physically and mentally. The WODs push me each day, and the tracking forces me into competition with myself to see if I can do better than the last time. I tend to get intimidated working out in front of other people, so I love that everyone else is doing the same WOD and not paying attention to what I am doing! I love that the WOD’s are different each day and that even though I scale, they still push me harder than I have ever pushed myself. Through CrossFit, I am doing things I never thought possible! Like when Kerry and Karen Brannon helped me PR my deadlift at 255 pounds, I was so surprised at myself and excited that I could lift that much. In December I I really stepped out of my box and participated in the Better Than Before Throwdown. All the other gals participating from the gym were so positive and encouraging, as was everyone who came to watch. Once again, I surprised myself at what I had accomplished when the day was done.
I really have everyone at CrossFit Billings to thank for that…from all of the coaches, to all the members! I love that everyone is excited when someone PR’s and the encouragement and high fives at the end of a class! CrossFit Billings lets everyone come in just as they are, but really encourages each person to become a better version of themselves…not just physically, but in every area of their lives. I have really loved my first six months here and although I still have a long way to go, can’t wait to see what the next six will hold, and even beyond that!


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