Work Out

Monday January 30, 2017

By Mack Unruh


He will have no fear of bad news; his heart is steadfast, trusting in the lord. -Psalm 112:7

January 30th WOD
EMOM for 15min:
Min1: 10 Thrusters (95lbs/65lbs) + 20 Double Unders
Min 2: 8 Thrusters (115lbs/75lbs) + 20 Double Unders
Min 3: 6 Thrusters (135lbs/95lbs) + 20 Double Unders
Min 4: 4 Thrusters (155lbs/105lbs) + 20 Double Unders
Min 5: 2 Thrusters (175lbs/115lbs) + 20 Double Unders

Cheyenne's story

Crossfit for me has been a unique form of therapy that saved my life physically and mentally. Growing up, I dedicated my free time to various activities such as dance, volleyball, basketball and track. People would tell me about my natural talent they saw in me or my love and dedication that was alway present. Little did they know though that I didn’t choose sports because of that talent. That love and dedication that people saw was a result of me finally finding a part of my life where I could escape reality and have structure, support and encouragement present. Outside of sports, my life was far from normal. My family and I experienced a fair amount of loss, disappointment and uncertainty. Throughout my childhood and all the craziness that came with it, I always found comfort in ending my days at practice with my teammates and coaches by my side.

In high school, I hit a point where I felt like everything was being ripped away from me though. In that year, my mom passed away. I quickly turned to sports as my coping method to deal with something that I wasn’t sure how to handle. That too was then taken from me as I suffered a knee injury that left me unable to finish out high school sports. That year quickly changed who I was. Before that, I was a girl who loved food, friends and being active. However, with such losses in life I quickly let my health be effected.


Since I no longer was in the gym, I changed my diet drastically. I often times would eat vegetables for days in fear that without the gym I would start gaining a lot of weight. It was clear that I had lost control of any balance or structure that I had originally found in life. I quickly dropped to an unhealthy size and on a good day would weigh in at 90 pounds. I continued to live my life with this fear through the end of high school. Everyone noticed this unhealthy path and knew it was the to me to take back control of my life. With about 6 months of convincing, my older brother and best friends ( Jed/Cathy Burroughs) convinced me to try crossfit. It was after only being able to finish 2 rounds of Helen and puking that I was addicted and said the infamous words, “ How do I sign up?”. Since that day almost 4 years ago, I have gained so much more from crossfit than just balance and structure in my life. Not only am I physically in the best state that I have ever been and 30 pounds heavier than when I joined, but I also have learned mental strength. When I was younger and spent time at the gym, I went to the gym as an escape and would always beat myself up over things going wrong in my life. But crossfit has become a place for me to become stronger physically and mentally as well as just have fun. Even on the hardest days when I want so badly to go back to my old habits, I have everyone surrounding me and encouraging me more than i have ever experienced. The main thing that I have learned in the past 4 years with crossfit is that no matter how much a workout hurts or how much pain a situation may cause, you have got to just embrace the suck and push through because I promise that when you make it through whatever pain you’re experiencing, it will be the best and most rewarding feeling you’ve felt.



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