Work Out

Monday January 9, 2017

By Mack Unruh


Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying, “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.”- Luke 2:13-14

January 9th WOD
Oly Skill work
10 minutes
1 Snatch Balance + 1 Overhead Squat w/ 3s pause in the bottom

Every 2 Minutes for 7 Sets

1 Hang Power Snatch to 1 Hang Squat Snatch

*You may drop the bar between the Hang Power Snatch and the Hang Squat Snatch efforts

Accessory work
1) Static Holds 3 x 10 seconds Ring Support Hold
3 x 10 seconds Bottom of Dip Hold
2) Push-up test 1 minute max reps plate standard push-ups

Jay Burns's Story

Well after being a decent athlete in high school and some in college I was involved in a natural gas explosion in the fall of 1993 that left me with 3rd degree burns over 67% .After 87 surgeries and a few near deaths I'm the able body of humor and exceptional athletic ability you see I was always involved in working out in one way or another but always seemed to get bored or get into the same routine, so I was looking for something. Along comes crossfit Billings by pure luck and maybe a little of gods will I walked in. I decide to start training with Josh, 1. To be held accountable so I couldn't back out. And 2. I knew I'd wimp out and quit and the rest is pure crossfit history although Josh is a lot but I love that kid and he's done more for me than he'll ever know or I'll admit to,as well as everyone in the gym.


I love the fact that you can be the best athlete or someone just starting out,after every workout EVERYONE is on the floor near death questioning their sanity and the what the heck am I doing this for, then the high fives, the whiteboard and I'll see you tomorrow hmm near death then repeat seems logical.I learn from everyone every day their struggles,triumphs,day things, family, a community that keeps itself involved in its people and the love that keeps them together. I've never rang the PR bell because everyday I'm there is a PR to me, my favorite workout was having Yuri properly showing me how to do wallballs.(oh snap) .I am thankful for everybody in the gym for their love, support, encouragement, butt chewing and just being there. This year I'd like to actually try a little harder and get in better shape and GOD willing kick this OREO habit.. sincerely Poe.


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