CrossFit Masters

CrossFit Billings Masters class is designed for those who are 55+ and wanting to prolong the aging process for as long as possible. The workouts are still the same everyday CrossFit workout simply done in a scaled version suitable for you where your at in your life. The best part about Masters Class is your not doing these workouts alone! Every workout is completed in a group setting with peers in the same stage of life you are!!

Interested in CrossFit Billings Masters class? specific details about the Masters class are as follows:
Class Days – Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
Times – 7:00 – 8:00am
Cost – $125 a month

Still not convinced CrossFit Billings Masters class is right for you? Read some of the stories of current Masters Class attendees below:


At 57, I found myself in the worse physical condition I have ever experienced as I tipped the scale at 235#. I was a widow and was living alone and my knees and back ached constantly and if I fell, I didn’t know if I could get myself up off the floor. I was always active growing up, but always struggled with my weight. I was a yo-yo dieter and my fitness routine followed right along. So when my daughter told me she was pregnant, I knew that I needed to make some life changing decisions. So a year later, there was 90#’s less of me, I no longer had knee or back pain, and I was holding a beautiful granddaughter and grandson in my arms. I started caring for my grandchildren three to five days a week and quickly discovered that I needed to focus on getting stronger and getting fit, because I was POOPED! The fitness and strength portion of the equation was missing.

I had belonged to Crossfit years previously and loved it. I had made great friends in the 0900 class, but quit (thinking it was going to just for a couple of months ) and never made it back. I received a phone call from Kerry Hanson telling me about the “Master’s” class they were going to trial, and she had thought of me. It would focus on members 50+ years, scaling the WOD’s as necessary to meet the individuals needs and physical ability so that that we could regain /maintain/ a more fit and healthy active lifestyle. I quickly responded “Sign me up !”

Competition is a part of life, but now I compete against the physical changes that are a part of the aging process and I am confident. I use the skills I learn in crossfit daily, squatting, lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, getting down on the floor and up off the floor with 2 little adorable munchkins without concern about the physical ability to do so. The workouts are fun and the trainers are encouraging. Yurii, Josh, and Courtney are always watchful to make sure we are using good body mechanics and proper techniques so that we don’t injure ourselves, and they can scale the workouts if you have a chronic physical condition. I am so grateful for their guidance and encouragement. I feel so accomplished after completing a workout. Everytime I show up for the WOD at 0700 I win the competition for the day, and I walk with my chest out, head up, and my shoulders back…. I mean literally, head up, shoulders back and chest out, because that is what physically happens, you just can’t help it!

So here I sit, staring at age 60 in the face, and I say, “Bring it!”


I have always exercised daily but over the past few years I became concerned about my inability to lose unwanted pounds that had slowly crept on despite my commitment to exercise and a vegan diet. So one day while taking a sewing lesson the instructor, Vivien, invited me to the “Masters” class at CrossFit Billings. “A master’s class” I said incredulously, “I need a beginner’s class” I laughed. Ahh she explained, the Master’s Class is tailored for those over the age of 50; at the age of 64 I clearly met that criteria! I had been considering joining Cross Fit for some time but just hadn’t taken that first step so off I went to meet Vivien and the other “masters”. I am ever so thankful that I took that first class! I was welcomed by the group of “masters” and the owner, Yuri. Over the course of the next few weeks, I met Josh and Courtney, also trained instructors. Although the classes are challenging, Yuri, Josh, and Courtney scale the exercises to each individual’s strength and ability but also challenge each of us to reach our personal best. I am indebted to Yuri for spending quite a bit of time reviewing my food journal and making suggested modifications to my diet; I am finally losing weight! The personalized attention and motivational encouragements throughout the class make all the difference in my attendance and desire to keep fit. And lastly, the comradery and support shared by the masters group, Vivien, Shirley, Becky, Bill, Van, and Keith is just THE BEST!! So bring on the burpees, box jumps, and rope jumping…..I want to have the best quality of life that I can have as I go into my “golden years”. THANK YOU Josh, Yuri, Courtney and my fellow masters for making a difference in my life!!!! CrossFit Billings is truly a one of a kind gym….The Best of Billings!


I’m a very active person and have exercised most of my adult life. I always hated my workouts (aerobics, machines = boring), but I do like to play, and knew that my play would be more fun if I was in shape. I joined cross fit about 3 years ago. I loved showing up and not having to think about my routine that day. I had never worked with weights, and I got stronger and my endurance improved. I was thrilled when I heard they were starting a Masters class. We laugh a lot at the restrictions our aging bodies put on us, and love to give Josh, Courtney, and Yuri as much grief as they give us. We all have our exercise we love to hate- mine is burpees, but I can tell you one thing – when I fall down, and I’m 80, I will be able to get up again. Thanks you guys, I couldn’t do it without you!


My CrossFit journey began 4 years ago when I was extremely “deconditioned”. That’s a nice way to say out-of-shape! My BP was off the chart along with my cholesterol and I was in constant arthritic pain in my knees. My bones were thinning (osteopenia), I weighed too much and my liver was not happy with all the meds I was taking to combat the symptoms of a sick body.

My family urged me to go to CF and so with much fear I made the call to Yurii and signed up for elements. There wasn’t a master’s class at that time so I just started with a strong determination to take charge of my own health and fight to live without pain and all the meds.

I had tried every diet “out there” and had been a member of many gyms but all failed to give me the results I was seeking and my health continued to deteriorate. CF taught me about the Paleo lifestyle and introduced exercises that promote strength for functional movements and for the first time my health began to improve.

Within the first six months I no longer needed meds for high cholesterol and the chronic knee pain was all but gone. My weight was dropping and I began to feel better than I had felt in years. I had energy to run and play with my grandsons and had strength to carry out all aspects of daily life.

My goal now is to continue regular participation in CrossFit until my 80’th birthday. I no longer care about pant size….I care about longevity and being strong and healthy until God calls me home.


I am a heart patient. I had quadruple bypass surgery 19 years ago and four heart attacks since.

I was careless about my diet and never exercised, it’s amazing I survived at all. My wife and every member of my family were involved in CrossFit and all urged me to join them at the gym. Reluctantly, two years ago began going to CrossFit.

The positive results of changing my diet to Paleo and doing regular exercise became crystal clear when I had my last heart attack. I was in the Cath lab flat on my back on the table looking up at the monitor as the doctor pointed out the collateral circulation that had developed to reroute blood flow around the blockage in my heart. The doctor said “Whatever you are doing keep on doing it”.

Honestly, I don’t get excited about going to work out but I am convinced that CrossFit has added years to my life and is responsible for keeping me strong and active.


Monday 5:00AM – 7:30PM
Tuesday 5:00AM – 7:30PM
Wednesday 6:00AM – 7:30PM
Thursday 5:00AM – 7:30PM
Friday 5:00AM – 5:30PM
Saturday 7:30AM – 10:30AM
Sunday 3:30PM – 5:00PM