CrossFit Billings is a great environment to work out in. The coaches are all fantastic and helpful. If you are intimidated by CrossFit, don't be, this gym works with beginners very well. If you are looking for a great gym with friendly staff, this is the place for you!

Karin Thorgramson

Such a great place! Miss it like crazy. These trainers and gym owners and fellow CrossFitters will help you get into the best shape of your life, both physically and mentally. I highly recommend CrossFit Billings!

Alana Martin Badgett

Had a great drop-in here a couple of days ago! Josh was super welcoming when we first came in and Courtney ran a good class. Good warm up and a brutal WOD - in a good way šŸ™‚ We'd definitely drop in here again!

Morgan O'Neal Chaput

Only did a drop in as I was traveling but what a great gym! Very knowledgeable coach and great environment!

Joe Valentin

Visiting from Helena and had an awesome time and even got a shirt! Courtney was a 'pit bull' in disguised and it was a great experience to meet fellow athletes. Thank you!

Ryan Davis

Dropped in here awhile back when visiting family last summer, boss gym! Great coaches, great programming, great community.

Chris Ralph


Monday 5:00AMĀ – 7:30PM
Tuesday 5:00AMĀ – 7:30PM
Wednesday 6:00AMĀ – 7:30PM
Thursday 5:00AMĀ – 7:30PM
Friday 5:00AMĀ – 5:30PM
Saturday 7:30AMĀ – 10:30AM
Sunday 3:30PMĀ – 5:00PM