Exercise Science & Physical Education BS
National Stength and Conditioning Association CSCS
Winner of NW Regional CrossFit Games
CrossFit Level 3
CFHQ Level 1 Seminar Staff
CrossFit Football
CrossFit Nutrition
CrossFit Kids

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Exercise science BS
Business Management BS
Licensed Massage Therapist
CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Nutrition
CrossFit Kids
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Josh Cederberg

Certifications – CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Weightlifting, CrossFit Endurance

Other Training – 2013/2014 CrossFit Billings Regional Team Member

My journey towards fitness started just like most every other human being. I had just finished High School, where I played Basketball and Football, and gained some weight I didn’t like. I was never a gym rat so when I went to the MSU Health and Fitness Center, I never quite knew exactly what to do. Running on the treadmill and lifting weights were my go-tos but I was basically just lost. I craved that community feeling I had back home in small town Broadview Montana. My mother introduced me to CrossFit Billings in Summer 2009 and it was different than anything I had experienced before. There were people of every fitness level and age category working out right next to each other and I loved that! After returning to school in the Fall of 2009, I found my first CrossFit home at Bridger CrossFit in Bozeman Montana. It was the first time someone took a genuine interest in my health and pushed me to be better than I was and reach my full potential. The people of that Bridger CrossFit Community lit my fire, drive, and passion for fitness. I wanted to share this drive and passion with everyone and allow everyone to feel just as welcomed as I was at that gym, so in 2011 I obtained my Level 1 Certification and started training classes. Since then my fitness has grown to level I never would have expected and I added the community of CrossFit Billings to my ever growing gym family in the summer of 2012. I continue to have a passion and drive to help everyone reach their health and fitness goals and love bonding with all of the people at the gym. The athletes of CrossFit Billings are not just people to me, they’re family.

Over my years of training group fitness classes not only at Bridger CrossFit but also CrossFit Billings I have learned that Fitness is for everyone. No matter if you are 75 and want to play with your grandkids or 19 and want to find something to remind you of your small town high school sports team, you’re not without hope. That is why I love what I do! The CrossFit Kids program is a blast for me to teach, the CrossFit Master are always keeping me on my toes, and not only do I love Olympic Lifting but teaching Olympic Lifting is exhilarating for me. Everyone has potential through this gym and community and, we can help you reach a fitness you never thought possible.

Lance Weber

Certifications – CrossFit Level 1

Other Training – 4 years education in Health and human performance with a minor in coaching

I have always had a love for health and fitness. Even at a young age you would vary rarely catch me not active in some exercise or fitness activity. I played sports from a very young age all the way into college. In high school it was basketball, football, track and baseball. Of course baseball was my number one choice and what I continue to still play today. As a kid it was all about sport and fun and of course the ever present competitive side of me, but as an adult I have come to realize that health and fitness can in every way help increase quality of life. I’m still a huge sports fanatic and love to play them any chance I get, but CrossFit has become my go to activity every single night. I have done the back and bi, chest and tri, leg day, cardio day routine at many gyms. It wasn’t until I found CrossFit that I realized there is so much more to a gym then exercise. The community inside CrossFit is second to none. You simply cannot enter our CrossFit gym and not have a smile on your face from all the different types of people who surround you and the friends you make. Once I started CrossFit the community is what really took hold of me and made me want to keep going back. Yes, I love the crazy hard exercise that pushes my limits like no other gym has and of course the competitive atmosphere, but the community and the sharing of the experience is what keeps me there.

Once I was done with college and started coaching and not just doing CrossFit, something else entirely hit me. The love for helping others succeed. I can honestly say one of the greatest feelings as a coach is to watch someone in my class succeed at an exercise and fitness goal. The smiles and ecstatic energy that comes with someone being successful is almost unexplainable. The number one reason for coaching is by far the excitement I feel watching others reach their health and fitness goals. Every one of the trainers I get to work with day to day I know feel the same way.

Nolan Foster

Certifications – CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Football, CrossFit Nutrition, CrossFit Movement & Mobility.
Other Training – 4 years of D1 Collegiate Rugby

I have always been drawn towards sports, working out, physical activity and competition. From AAU wresting and little league baseball to high school football to collegiate rugby, sports were a regular part of my life. While I was never a stand-out athlete, I managed to earn a spot on some great teams in high school and college. Now that my days on the athletic field are over, the void left by sports has been filled by CrossFit. The competitive spirit and the camaraderie of CrossFit is what keeps me coming back. Whether I am working out or instructing, I appreciate being surrounded by hard-working people who are pursuing excellence.

As a trainer at CrossFit Billings, I am once again blessed to be part of a great team. I have traveled all over the country and visited several CrossFit gyms and I can say that CrossFit Billings is one of the best gyms there is. Several times out-of-town drop-ins or new members have said they learned more in a single class at CrossFit Billings than months at other gyms. The entire staff here is committed to helping our clients move better by first achieving sound mechanics, doing so consistently and then with increasing intensity. This sound methodology is coupled with a fun, friendly and welcoming atmosphere that brings enjoyment to a possibly intimidating environment.

We all have different backgrounds and are in various stages of our health & fitness journey. So it is important to remember that we should not focus on where we ARE, but focus on where we are GOING. I feel that the CrossFit prescription is the best path towards the goal of peak general health & fitness.

Annie Foster

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Nutrition, and CrossFit Kids.
Other Training: Olympic Lifting Clinic, and Pose Running Clinic.

I love that CrossFit emphasizes pursuing excellence, becoming better than I was yesterday, and that strength is beautiful, not just being thin. The goal is being truly healthy. I believe we were all created with an amazing and complex gift…our bodies and we are to take care of them the best we can.

My career in health and fitness began in 2002 as a personal trainer at a health club where I trained clients in plyometrics, free weights, pilates, running, spinning etc. In April of 2007 I tried my first CrossFit workout and realized what true intensity was. After that I was hooked. January of 2008 my husband, Nolan, and I opened CrossFit Utah Valley with four other partners. There I coached adult group classes, kids and teens classes along with some personal training and nutritional coaching. In April of 2012 we decided to sell our portion of CFUV and move to the “motherland” of Billings, Montana. I have been a member of CrossFit Billings since May of 2012. I love the Coaches and CrossFitters here, the community is truly amazing and uplifting. I would love to help you reach your health and fitness goals, whether that is focusing on a skill or lift, losing weight, gaining muscle, or just getting in shape! The key to success is through eating good food and training hard… at CrossFit Billings!

Courntey Unruh

Certifications – CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Endurance
Other Training – Bachelors of Biology, 4 years of Collegiate Soccer

I believe a gym should consist of more than: walking in the doors, putting your headphones on, doing your own thing and “getting your sweat on” for a couple of hours. Health and fitness are important aspects to our lives and I think there are many ways to achieve each of these. However, there is nothing that quite compares to CrossFit.

Our belief that “routine is the enemy”, keeps people of all ages and areas of life ready for whatever they may face from day to day. Rather it be playing competitive sports, or simply having the energy to keep up with grandkids, CrossFit can prepare you for either or anywhere in-between.

Knowing that CrossFit helps me maintain a high level of health and fitness is one reason I keep coming back, but that is not the biggest reason I decided to become a CrossFit trainer. Community. That is the number one reason why I love what I do. Every day I walk into the gym, I witness people from all walks of life building quality relationships. Each day presents a new challenge which allows gym members to come together in pursuit of a common goal – a healthy lifestyle! I see high fives, fist bumps, smiles, tears, sweat and blood. I see a community of people building each other up and pushing each other to do/accomplish things they never thought they could.

THAT is why I am a CrossFit Trainer!

Mackenzie Unruh (Mack)

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Weightlifting, USAW Level 1, CSCS, BS Health and Human Performace.
North West Regional Athlete 2014
West Regional Athlete 2015

Other Training – 4 years of Collegiate Baseball

Being active and exercising has always been a passion of mine. Coming from a sports driven family I have played sports throughout my life, in high school playing football, basketball, and baseball. I chose to take baseball to the next level and play collegiate baseball at MSU-Billings. CrossFit has changed my way of thinking completely around about fitness and exercise, I always thought that I was in great health growing up and doing all the right things to help me in my sports career. Little did I know I was wrong…Since finding CrossFit in late 2011 I have been getting in the best shape of my life, achieving goals I never thought possible before CrossFit. My favorite attribute CrossFit has given me a second family, the community at CrossFit Billings is one of a kind. My favorite part of coaching at the gym is watching people reaching goals they never thought were possible. CrossFit is more than just a gym, you will not see someone walk into the gym and not be greeted by some of the athletes before class. There are no mirrors, machines, ellipticals, or someone doing bicep curls in the squat rack. Why I love being apart of a CrossFit gym is because the relationships you build with each person at the gym, we come in all shapes and sizes and seeing each athlete achieve a fitness/health goal of theirs makes being a trainer great! Whether their goal is to lose 5lbs or PR on their back squat, watching them suffer everyday to cross off that goal and seeing their joy of finally accomplishing whatever it may be is why I come each and everyday.

Casey Jourdan

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Weightlifting Specialty Course, Precision Nutrition Level 1

Being active was always a part of my life. I started Tae Kwon Do at age 5 and spent years training and competing. I also spent years on swim team and playing soccer. When I was 17 I enlisted in the Montana Army National Guard Military Police. During my time in the service I was deployed to Baghdad Iraq where I was wounded in a roadside bombing. After returning home I struggled with the physical and emotional injuries and became very sedentary.

I was introduced to CrossFit through a friend, I wanted to be active again but didn’t know where to start. My first workout was only 10 minutes long and I didn’t even finish it I was so out of shape. But the coaches were amazing and encouraging. I decided I had to come back and finish that workout. 6 years later I’m still doing CrossFit and loving it. CrossFit’s ability to be adapted to anyone has been immense in helping with my pain management from my injuries as well as giving me another tool for coping with the emotional injuries. As a coach it’s pure delight for me to watch someone hit a new personal best or achieve a movement they never thought they would. I hope through coaching I can continue to give back to a community that has given me so much. I can’t imagine what my life would look like these days without my CrossFit family.

Tate Vladic

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1, Crossfit Gymnastics
North West Regional Athlete 2014

Since the days of bench pressing on my dad’s old Weider bench in the basement and shooting make believe buzzer beaters in the driveway. To carrying 120 pound rucksacks and shooting targets at 1000 plus yards in the Marine Corps. My lifestyle has always been an active one. I played the usual football, Basketball, and baseball through high school. But I never really applied myself to excel at anything at a younger age. Then at 18 years old I joined the Marines. This is where I learned what the human mind and body is really capable of. I mention mind before body because the body will always succumb to the mind. I learned that the body is extremely resilient but will crumble to the slenderest of thought. This is why I have clung to this beautiful thing called Crossfit. There is a unique camaraderie that which resembles what I felt in the military, in the brotherly way.

It is the best group of people that I have met and I can absolutely trust every single person in the community. I don’t know what the magic is that is behind it but I can definitely feel it. It grabs hold of those who are willing to see themselves and others at their best. This “best” looks different amongst everyone but there is always a common trait. It is simply the will to act. This is the first and biggest milestone one must choose for themselves. You must tell your mind that you are worth what you want to be. Your body will ensue. And this community will definitely be by your side through it all!

Evan Corneliusen

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1, USAW Ceritified, National Level Olympic Lifter

Growing up as the baby in an athletic family, I was not only introduced to sports but, pushed into trying to be the best athlete. Being active at a young age and playing tee ball at the age of 4, I was kept very busy and fell in love with sports and the competitive environment. Later on I found a passion for basketball and football, but baseball was my true sport. Entering high school I found myself getting the short end of the stick, literally. Standing only 4’10” and weighing a solid 100 lbs. my sports life began to slow down and when it ended I tried to find a replacement for staying fit but the ordinary gym wasn’t cutting it as there was no motivation.

Once I found Crossfit in 2014 my competitive drive came back and found a community like no other. It has also gave me a new passion in the sport of Olympic Lifting. The technicality of the lifts have me obsessed in trying to perfect each lift, which is a never ending process because there is something that can always be better in the lifts. With Weightlifting I have been truly blessed by great opportunities, such as finding Team Montana Weightlifting Club and going on to compete at Nationals and winning The American Open Series in Reno. Not only has Crossfit pushed me outside my comfort zone but it has given me the opportunity to coach others and help them reach their fitness goals and watch them crush not only PR’s in the gym but in life.


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